PostHeaderIcon McDonalds UK to switch to fair trade coffee.

It seems that McDonalds is about to start serving fair trade coffee at all its burger outlets in the UK. The coffee will be supplied by Kraft.

I’m no fan of either McDonalds or Kraft, but this move has to qualify as good news.

Why? Simply because it will increase demand for fair trade coffee enormously. And that, in turn, will encourage more coffee farmers to form cooperatives, become certified, adopt more sustainable growing methods and earn a higher income for their families and communities.

And, as a side benefit, consumers who go to McDonalds will get to hear about fair trade coffee, and look for it when they are shopping for beans to brew at home.

Of course, this is happening in the UK, not North America. At least, not right now.

Once again, Europe seems to be a few years ahead when it comes to “green” and socially responsible thinking and action.

I just returned from a trip to the UK, and people’s opinions on these issues are very evident…in national newspapers, on TV and in the stores. A strong focus on the environment is evident everywhere.

Why does it take North America so long to catch up?

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