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Get Cheekee and Be Cheeky with Monkey Butt CoffeeTM Gear.

Bar None Coffee Co. is pleased to announce it’s latest addition, the Monkey Butt CoffeeTM line of products.

Inspired by a group of our morning regulars, the Monkey Butt CoffeeTM product line spoofs the coffee produced in Indonesia by the civet known locally as a Kopi Luwak. This little critter eats ripe coffee cherries and passes the undigested beans. These beans are collected, roasted and sold for over $170.00 per pound

Cheekee Monkey

The Monkey Butt CoffeeTM brand may be Kopi Luwak inspired but Cheekee Monkey is customer inspired. He represents a group of our morning regulars (or, irregulars) at Bar None Coffee Co. and some of the other folks that visit us. Cheekee is everyone that has that bit of, well….cheekiness.

Cheekee Chic

We now have 12 different versions of Cheekee on a whole bunch of products and are diligently working to expand the product selections.


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